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Watania Air will be glad to represent any airline in Iraq using its long experience, acting as a GSA according to standards applied to Iraqi stations. Our company provides airlines with all requirements as both sales and service station and undertakes their marketing and sales activities.

Watania Air has also a dedicated team to provide sales support for individuals, corporates and groups through its direct connections with airlines’ call centers and appointed sales executives. Sales support is also dedicated to meeting the requirements of senior officials and corporates in terms of reservations, ticketing, hotel accommodation and meet &assist.

Flight Permissions

All countries have their own regulations regarding the issuance of flight permits as there is generally a payment involved and other administrative procedures established by individual countries.Watania Air services include over -flight permits, landing permits, obtaining slots (PPR), military clearance, technical permits, commercial or traffic permits, flight schedule clearance.Our dedicated operation staff members provide around the clock support to all airlines to obtain approvals for all required flights (both schedule and extra flights) and to follow up with airlines OCC, dispatch officers and respective airports on all flight operations activities. These staff have direct contact with all airport operations centers including Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority to provide our airport staff with all information required.

A/C registration

In accordance with the Chicago Convention, the Aviation Authorities have their own safety quality procedures that must be applied to all civil aircrafts landing at their respective airports. The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority has its own safety procedures that commit airlines to have their aircraft registered with its Aviation Safety Department.
Watania Air has qualified and dedicated personnel who very quickly follow up on the aircraft registration with Aviation Safety Department and who can examine the aircraft papers and make sure it complies with all international safety standards and procedures set by ICAA.


The single biggest cost for many airlines is fuel, so choosing a fuel supplier is a decision that must be carefully taken as it implies multiple factors that can affect your business as airline, subjecting your business to unnecessary risk if your supply is tied to an unreliable source. Watania Air is the source you might be looking for, as we are known for credibility, reliability and competitive prices, helping airlines to get fuel for their aircraft from the best fuel supplier at airports, with our staff supervising the refueling process.


Ground handling addresses the many service requirements of an airliner between the time it arrives at a terminal gate and the time it departs on its next flight. Speed, efficiency, and accuracy are features of how we conduct the handling and are important in ground handling services in order to minimize the turnaround time. Watania Air undertakes ground handling arrangements in Iraq. We supervise, coordinate and administrate the services of airport handling company at each relevant airport.

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Our experience in the aviation industry has enabled us to establish a solid reputation as an expert in aircraft services, providing through our partners advisory services to airlines.
We also provide legal consultancies related to aviation business and bring deep aviation expertise.
The company has provided several researches, studies and ideas aimed at developing the reality of aviation sector and airports in Iraq and improving the services provided to passengers and airlines and made them available for use in providing a positive image of Iraqi aviation sector. Among other consultancy services the company is providing is the submission of legal consultancies to all airlines and civil aviation institutions in Iraq and the world since the company has partnerships and close cooperation with consulting firms which are world-renowned in this field.

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We are dedicated to serving you through our expert planners and catering professionals who are driven by a tradition of innovation, service excellence and commitment.
We’ll arrange for you a catering company to craft a menu that reflects the unique tastes of passengers, cultural traditions and budget requirements, and leaves a lasting, memorable impression on you and your passengers.

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overall flight supervision

  • Managing the financial aspects of station management.
  • Ensuring that the staff is adequately trained on all airport procedures including emergency responses.
  • Coordinating with the aircraft crew to ensure smooth operation of flights.
  • Providing adequate training to new recruits.
  • Preparing daily reports on operations taking place at airport stations.
  • Coordinating with competent employees to make sure of loading and unloading of cargo.
  • Promptly compiling and dispatching statistics, statements and reports as may be reasonably requested by carrier.
  • Watania Air shall provide the carrier’s representatives or agents with all required information, documents and records.
  • Watania Air shall be responsible for collection of excess baggage/ticket go-show sale revenues at relevant airport. The same is reported to carrier on a daily basis while the financial settlement is done at the month end.

Station Management

The airline stations management is extremely important, not only are they in charge of all the flights, but they are also in charge of a host of other things in connection with airline flights. The airline stations management is also responsible for all the in-flight services. To ensure that all the passengers in the flight are served well, they also have to look into all passengers’ complaints as this will help them improve the services of the airline. The main responsibility is to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the airport on a daily basis. This includes supporting staff and making sure that all staff is able to provide polite, prompt and correct information to travelers, know airport policies and procedures and that passengers, luggage and freight are move through the airport in a logical and timely manner. Scheduling the appropriate number of staffs, ensuring that all ticketing and security systems are in excellent working condition and troubleshooting any problems are all part of the airport management tasks.