About us

About Us

Watania Air is an Iraqi aviation company established in May 2008. Since inception, Watania Air has started investing heavily on human resources to establish the most active sales resources and station management groups all over Iraq.

Now Watania Air has become the largest company in Iraq representing the majority of airlines operating in Iraq and operating more than 75% of foreign flights to Iraq. Watania Air provides total airline solutions covering marketing, sales, operations, landing permits, overflight permits, technical, maintenance support, and aviation-related legal consultancy services.

Our company provides all types of services and extends full support to all airline activities. The company has the capability to create new investment opportunities and future business prospects for developing the aviation industry in Iraq through strategic partnerships with well-established international companies having extensive expertise in aircraft maintenance and business development projects. Watania Air takes pride in having an excellent record and reference with most of regional airlines which Watania Air is repersenting.

Focusing on Public relations matters, Watania Air has managed over the past 12 years to build up an excellent PR network that supports Watania Air and respective airlines‘ needs, thus positively reflecting on the excellent sales performance and operations.



Watania Air is committed to being the leader in aviation services business in Iraq by providing our customers with exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service.

Ensuring that our employees are kept updated and familiar with all activities related to service provision and gaining more professional skills


We provide our clients with impeccable aviation and GSA services that meet superior standards.

Watania Air is dedicated to being Iraq’s leading provider of aviation services and support with the overarching objective to deliver exceptional, long-term, sustainable value for all our customers.

We conduct business to the highest ethical and professional standards

We deliver our services with a sense of warmth, friendliness and company spirit